Your Own Customer List

Our automated Text Messaging Platform creates repeat customers.

And generates more revenue from existing customers by leveraging offers delivered through text messages.


How It Works …

Step 1: Customers Opt-In To Receive Text Offers 

There Are Three Ways You Will Get New Repeat Customers:

  1. From your desktop website, customers can sign up for your offer by simply entering their cell phone number in a widget we install on your website. 
  2. From their mobile device, the visitors simply click on the offer and text a keyword to our system. 
  3. Finally, from a card or flyer in their takeout bag, customers can simply text a keyword into our system.

Step 2: An Offer Code Is Delivered To A Phone

Once the customer has opted in to get the offer, our system will send them a text message along with the offer code that they can redeem at your business. 93% of people read their text messages.

Step 3: Customer Redeems the Offer

The customer visits your business and redeems the offer by providing the code.

Step 4: Automatically Track & Measure Results

Our System will track and measure each campaign your business runs. Whenever you wish, you can access data on how much revenue each offer generated.