Maximize Customer Engagement with Text Messaging

21December 2020

Our automated Text Messaging Platform creates repeat customers.

And generates more revenue from existing customers by leveraging offers delivered through text messages.

How It Works …

Step 1: Customers Opt-In To Receive Text Offers 

There Are Three Ways You Will Get New Repeat Customers:

  1. From your desktop website, customers can sign up for your offer by simply entering their cell phone number in a widget we install on your website. 
  2. From their mobile device, the visitors simply click on the offer and text a keyword to our system. 
  3. Finally, from a card or flyer in their takeout bag, customers can simply text a keyword into our system.

Step 2: An Offer Code Is Delivered To A Phone

Once the customer has opted in to get the offer, our system will send them a text message along with the offer code that they can redeem at your business. 93% of people read their text messages.

Step 3: Customer Redeems the Offer

The customer visits your business and redeems the offer by providing the code.

Step 4: Automatically Track & Measure Results

Our System will track and measure each campaign your business runs. Whenever you wish, you can access data on how much revenue each offer generated.

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