DealerLink Pre-Qualified Special Finance Leads

Exclusive pre-qualified leads are the real key to increased sales and higher gross profits!

DealerLink LeadsHigh Spark Media and DealerLink deliver Special Finance Leads from pre-qualified car buyers. They have ALREADY decided to buy and only need financing! These leads are delivered Exclusively to our dealers who specialize in sub-prime lending. These buyers are just waiting on YOU to sell them a new or used car or truck.

Our DealerLink System

Special Finance Car Sale Leads and Sub-Prime Auto Leads are generated from DealerLink’s 500+ automotive-based web sites found on all the major search engines. We also advertise on special finance car loan lead sites within in the form of:

  • Banner Ads,
  • Pay Per Click Impressions,
  • Sponsored Site Listings, and
  • Ad Displays.

How we find your leads –

ADM-2014-Winner_Cover_DealerLink (1)DealerLink uses thousands of keywords to attract buyers to their 500 active consumer auto finance sites. When they fill out the credit application, valid leads are generated based on a 3-Tier filtering system:

  • $1800 minimum verifiable income
  • No open bankruptcy – discharged 7 is permissible
  • No repossession in last 12 months
  • Permission to pull credit

You will have a competitive advantage over other dealers in your area!

We will not sell these leads to anyone else. Guaranteed! They are yours alone!
There’s simply nothing on the market that can compare with the extreme value, results, and the ROI that our DealerLink System produces.

We guarantee absolute 100% Exclusivity! In DealerLink’s 16-year history, there’s never been a lead delivered to more than one dealer.

How to get a quote from High Spark Media –

Send an email stating your dealership name, U.S. location, and your market size. Most dealers choose a 50-mile radius. We’ll get back to you with the number of leads available in your area in an average month (some areas are sold out), and the cost per lead in your locale. Generally, small town dealerships pay a couple dollars less per lead than those in major metro areas.

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 Posted on : June 11, 2014